LNP Steering Committee Meeting,

ICC Offices, Chicago


1. Introductions

2. Number Pooling Subcommittee Report - Brian Baldwin

A handout outlined information from a June 27th meeting, and a conference call held July 22, concerning data requests on vacant 1000s groups in the 847 NPA. Replies to that first data request indicated 671 spare 1000s blocks and 185 1000s blocks with 10 or less active numbers.

Brent Struthers reviewed the status of two data requests to be received in the next two weeks.

The first data request is for a projection of code use by rate center for the 847 NPA. Replies are to be sent to independent third party Wallace Data Comp by July 30. This request has gone out to all code holders in the 847 NPA and includes members of the Industry Code Relief and Numbering Team headed by the C.O. Code Administrator.

The second data request is for vacant 1000s block information for the 847 NPA

for all code holders as of August 1. Along with vacant 1000s blocks, respondents are to reply with 1000s blocks that have 50 or less numbers active as well as the vacant 1000s blocks for which the code holder will be willing to hold assignment in anticipation of number pooling. Replies are to be sent to Brent by August 8.

Five major issues remain.

A. Pre-porting vs. Porting-on-Demand

B. Snap-back

C. NPAC Costs

D. Administration for 1000s Blocks Assignments

E. Cost Recovery & Allocation

August 5th and 6th were dates set for the Documentation Team to meet to compile information from various LNP subcommittees who are expected to report on pooling impacts by August 1. That information is to be presented in preliminary form at the next Number Pooling Meeting scheduled for August 15.

Pre-porting vs. Porting-on-Demand and Snap-back are to be worked in subcommittees and brought to the Steering Committee for final resolution. The LLC subcommittee is to review NPAC costs with some level of pricing information to be presented by Lockheed-Martin. Roger Marshall identified two types of costs, first cost for the one-time enhancement, and second, for ongoing record storage and transactions.

Administration issues are to be addressed through coordination with INC and with the Industry Code Relief and Numbering Team. Jim Joerger mentioned that there will likely be new number administration costs with the NPAC architecture. He added that previously those costs did not need to be considered for standard number assignment.

Plans are for some of these pooling issues are hoped to be resolved at the next LNP Steering Committee Meeting scheduled for August 21.

3. Cost Recovery Subcommittee Report - Brent Struthers

Brent reiterated that it is important that movement towards an interim cost recovery

methodology begin once again. Brent indicated that the FCC order may not be expected for a few weeks and is likely to leave most cost recovery definition to the states. This will likely necessitate a formal rulemaking process. Workshop members acknowledged a lack of consensus on cost recovery and allocation issues at this time.

4. NPAC/SMS Subcommittee Report - Donna Navickas

Donna reported that due to some NPAC turn-up issues, the FCC Field Trial start date is now set for August 11, with SP to SP testing beginning July 25 among Sprint, MCI, ATT, and Ameritech. Those four carriers were reported to be approximately 80% complete with meeting the entrance criteria at the time of the Steering Committee meeting. Consideration may be given no changing the entrance criteria to "exit" criteria. The FCC is to be notified of the slippage in the start date which is not expected to impact the trial completion date.

Change Management processes were reported as being coordinated with NANC T&O.

It was indicated that future NPAC meetings may become more regional in scope rather than Illinois specific due to the regional nature of the NPAC.

A conference call is scheduled for July 25.

5. LLC Subcommittee Report - Roger Marshall

A July 25 meeting is scheduled with the following agenda.

- LLC document review

- readout of contract

- costs & features

- interim cost allocation

- NPAC & feature development impact on LLC

6. Operator Services Subcommittee Report - Irene Shumada

No changes are reported for this subcommittee.

7. Rating and Billing Subcommittee Report - Judy Evans

Minutes from a July 15 meeting from this subcommittee were available.

Judy presented copies of a letter to the ICC referencing the formation of a new National Billing Committee, which may gradually replace the Illinois R&B Subcommittee in somewhat evolutionary stages. That is because of continuing and unique Illinois LNP billing requirements.

Judy reported that she will be stepping down as the chairperson for the R&B Subcommittee.

A conference call is scheduled for July 25.

8. Operations Subcommittee Report - Barry Bishop

Barry reported that in addition to the ongoing number portability work, this subcommittee also has IVR and law enforcement interconnect issues out for discussion. Nationwide coordination may be needed to handle concerns over database access for law enforcement agencies. USTA and NRC industry groups may be contacted for possible presentation to law enforcement groups and others.

An implementation meeting for the Illinois side of the St. Louis MSA, is scheduled for August 7 in St. Louis.

An IL LNP Operations Subcommittee conference call is scheduled for July 30.

9. SCP Subcommittee Report - Wayne Heinmiller

Reports from this subcommittee were available via handouts.

A conference call is scheduled for July 29.

10. Switching Subcommittee Report - Brian Baldwin

It was identified that no significant impacts of number pooling on memory or processing for switches. Brian also reported that snap-back to either NXX-assigned switch or to a block-assigned switch, creates no significant problems.

One consideration is that if pre-porting is implemented the recipient switch must route unassigned numbers to vacant number treatment to avoid release code 26.

It was reported that a letter has been sent to nationwide industry chairs to recommend that an Industry Switch Requirements group be formed at the national level under NIIF, to adopt standards for switch requirements for porting numbers. If this is done an Illinois switch subcommittee may no longer be needed.

11. Phase II Subcommittee Report - Larry Vasquez

Larry reported that new spreadsheets have been created for IL LNP Phase II Requirements, with ranking to be done on those requirements that are then to be communicated to vendors for development. It is likely that subsequent phase definitions beyond Phase II will be done at some point.

Immediately after the Steering Committee meeting a Phase II meeting was held.

12. Test Team Report - Walt Sabora

Brent reported for Walt that test team activity is proceeding.

It was stated that participation in test call scenarios from non-participating networks could be arranged by contacting Dick Dowd.

13. 911 Subcommittee Report - Nancy DeRoo

Functionality and data base loading was reported as being done for and by participating carriers. It was also reported that TCG and Worldcom can support U and M function codes. Nancy reassured those who questioned whether coordination was planned between service providers and PSAPs.


14. New Entrant Primer

It was unclear whether the LNP Primer corrections were completed but the suggestion was made that interested parties check the website.


15. St. Louis MSA - Brent Struthers

Brent reported that the St. Louis, Illinois side offices have been picked and there was a list available at the meeting.

16. Chicago MSA - Brent Struthers

A final office list was determined and available in a handout, however some CLEC additions may yet need to be incorporated into the list. Future changes will require a BFR per the FCC-defined process.

17. Regulatory Update - Brent Struthers

A NANC T&O meeting is scheduled for July 30 and 31 in Atlanta.

See the Cost Recovery and NPAC/SMS Subcommittee sections of these minutes for updates of the FCC Cost Recovery Order and on the change of the FCC Field Trial start date, respectively.

18. Future Meetings

In addition to the scheduled LNP Steering Committee meetings for August 21 and

September 25, a meeting was scheduled for October 23.