June 3, 1998

Illinois NPAC Pooling subcommittee

In Attendance:

Donna Navickas Ameritech’

LisaMarie Maxson TSE

Barry Bishop Lockheed

Dave Garner Sprint

Shannon Lockheed

Jeannine Whalen Lockheed

Clayton Tong ESI

Jan Trout-Avery Lockheed

Dan Gonos Winstar

Pat White Bellcore

On Conference Bridge:

Beth Watkins AT&T

Michelle Finnerty ESI

Becky Dawson MCI

John Malyar Bellcore

Reviewed Draft M&P document.

Several Issues raised:

  1. Contaminated TN Process - Barry Bishop did not feel that this process was clearly defined for Illinois as to when contaminated TNs would intra-SP ported. Would ports occur at donation or allocation? Donna Navickas agreed to work with the Illinois Operations SubcommitteeChair - Robin Meier - to ensure this issue is resolved.
  1. Data for Block Holder Table - The Illinois NPAC Subcommittee assumed that all required data would be provided via the Pooling Administrator to the NPAC . This assumption is based on the process flows for Illinois Pooling. Barry Bishop said that this information was not provided via the forms developed by the "Forms" Subcommittee. This is required data to build appropriate info in NPAC. The data that is not included on the forms is:

Donna Navickas agreed to pursue this issue with the Forms Subcommittee Chair - Pat Fleck. Discussion concerning the Release 1.4 Project Plan also occurred. This info is proprietary to MidWest LLC members and will be provided to the appropriate representatives.

The next meeting is 6/12/98, 1 - 4 PM, CDT, Bridge Number is 800 708-4543, Pass Code 785891.