Illinois Number Pooling Subcommittee

July 13, 1999

Conference Call Minutes



Brian Baldwin Ameritech

Dan Meldazis Focal

Liz Coakley Ameritech

Bill Minch Alcatel

Harvey Nelson ICC Staff

Todd Raker Ameritech

Wayne Calbow Lucent

Raj Udeshi Siemens

Mark Lancaster AT&T

Barry Bishop Lockheed-Martin

Seamus Glynn CUB

Jan Trout-Avery Lockheed-Martin

Jim Joerger MCI/WorldCom

Al Talbot ICC Staff

Darvin Liston Sprint

Beth O’Donnell Cook County States Atty


To discuss the expansion of number pooling to NPAs 630, 312 and 773.


Barry reported that negotiations are still underway with the Midwest LLC on the inclusion of 630 and other Chicago-area NPAs to the interim pooling administration contract. Barry also indicated that the interim pricing arrangement for NPAs 630, 312 and 773 will differ from that offered for NPA 847 and will be more consistent with the national pooling administration proposal.

Information on blocks eligible for porting have been received from one carrier to date. Lockheed-Martin will forward a letter to all facilities-based wireline carriers using resources within NPA 630, requesting information on block donations and future forecasts, by Friday, July 16th. Carriers will be requested to submit such information by August 2nd. Seamus will forward to Harvey a list of the 15 carriers that he believes are eligible for participation in polling in NPA 630. Harvey reported that he has already forwarded to Lockheed-Martin a list of all certified carriers within the NPA.

Harvey stated that ICC Staff will work closely with Lockheed-Martin to ensure that all eligible carriers provide responses to the July 16th letter. ICC Staff will provide a cover letter which will accompany the letter from Lockheed-Martin. If no response is received from certain carriers, ICC Staff will contact them informally to solicit such responses. Additional compliance measures will be taken, if the need arises, as appropriate.

ICC Staff has yet to determine a plan for verifying that a sufficient quantity of blocks are being donated to the pool. The Interim Order references an open subpoena that requires all carriers to submit utilization data on a quarterly basis. This data may be used to ensure compliance with the block donation requirement.

Barry estimated that a minimum of two weeks will be required to analyze the responses received to their request for forecasts and block donations, build the new pools and augment any shortfalls (through new NXX assignments). As such, the target turn-up date for pooling within NPA 630 is August 16th. Jim Joerger suggested that a minimum number of NXXs be requested to backfill any anticipated shortfalls to the pools, until such time as the actual number of blocks to be donated are confirmed.

Brian asked what, if any, measures will be taken by Lockheed-Martin to ensure that the blocks being donated are from NXXs already in service and LNP-capable. Barry indicated that Lockheed-Martin will check the NPAC tables to confirm that the associated NXX is LNP-capable, as well as the LERG.

Lockheed-Martin will forward a similar letter requesting block forecast and donation information for NPA 312 approximately 2 weeks after the 630 request (e.g., around July 30th). The target turn-up date for pooling within area code 312 will be August 30th.

Letters requesting block forecast and donation information for NPA 773 will be sent out in mid-August. The target turn-up date for pooling within 773 will be October 1st.

Jim Joerger reported that the Midwest LLC is reviewing two proposals for the delivery of NPAC (pooling) Release 3.0. One is for a 62 week delivery cycle (after the SOW is approved) and another for a 47 week delivery cycle. He indicated that approval is targeted for August 6th. Jim indicated that carrier testing of the new release will require a minimum of two months following the delivery date.


Respectfully Submitted,

Brian Baldwin

Subcommittee Co-Chair