IURC LNP Workshop 9/16/97 Minutes

Mr. Michael Guffey provided opening remarks and welcome.

Ms. Judy Evans, as co-chair provided a brief summary of FCC 2nd Report and Order, adopted 8/14/97. The key issue discussed was the FCC mandated 9 month advance notice requirement for LNP implementation. The office selection cutoff dates for Cincinnati and Indianapolis MSAs were determined to be 8/15/97 and 9/30/97, respectively.

Mr. Guffey will send the current prioritized LNP selection list (corrected for discrepancies noted by GTE and Sprint) to all CLECs that have petitioned the IURC for authority to provide facilities based exchange service. The CLECs must return its selections (including additions/deletions for CLECs that have previously made selections) for LNP implementation for those offices in which they plan to operate by 9/30/97 to Mr. Guffey.

Mr. Barry Bishop reported that testing for the Illinois LNP trial is progressing well.

Ms. Evans discussed the Regional Rating and Billing Subcommittee, which expanded regionally from the Illinois effort. Ms. Evans encouraged participation from the other 4 states in the region to ensure that state specific requirements are addressed. Ms. Arnette Schultz from Lucent will be assuming chair responsibilities from Ms. Evans. Subcommittee minutes are available at www.ported.com. From discussion later in the meeting, the issue of ITAC handling of ported calls has been referred to the subcommittee.

The requirement in FCC 2nd Report and Order that the carrier immediately preceding the terminating carrier, N-1 carrier, be responsible for querying LNP database was discussed. It is believed that even carriers that have not been selected to implement LNP could be impacted through calling, e.g., EAS, to MSAs where LNP is in place. The N-1 carrier could perform the query or arrange for another entity to perform the query. For example, Ameritech has filed a tariff with the FCC for end office queries.

An FCC Order on LNP cost recovery is anticipated in October.

The next steps for LNP testing and implementation were discussed. The ITA will send letter to IURC requesting a new Cause be opened for implementing LNP, including operational and cost recovery matters. There is need for an implementation team to develop schedules, testing, etc. An LNP primer (also available on www.ported.com) was distributed by Mr. Guffey.

The next LNP workshop has been scheduled for October 9, 1997 at 1000 in Room TC-10, 302 W. Washington St., Indianapolis, IN. Companies are expected to send technical representatives, prepared to address implementation and testing issues. The LNP Primer was recommended reading for those who have not been involved in LNP.

Minutes submitted by Sprint.