Date: May 22, 1998

To: All 847 NXX Holders

From: Patrick McLarney

Manager, Telecommunications Division

Re: Number Pooling Data Collection Effort

Dear 847 Code Holder:

The ICC has reached a decision ordering number pooling in the 847 NPA and an all-services overlay as a back-up plan. Concurrent with formal proceedings at the ICC, the Illinois Number Portability Task Force, and Lockheed Martin, in its role as number pooling administrator, are preparing to begin a trial of number pooling in the 847 area code. The Staff of the Telecommunications Division of the ICC supports the efforts of the Task Force and Lockheed Martin in trialing number pooling. Staff feels that the trial of number pooling will provide a positive learning experience in how future area exhaust may be delayed.

As part of this trial, it is necessary for Lockheed Martin to collect information on carrier number holdings and usage. The Staff of the Telecommunications Division urges your full and timely cooperation with Lockheed Martin in the data collection process. If you have not yet responded to the Lockheed Martin data request we encourage to do so as quickly as possible. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the number pooling trial or data collection please forward your comments to Brent Struthers of Commission Staff at 312-814-6025 or at (fax) 312-814-1818.