Michigan Number Portability Workshop

Case No. U-10860

September 25, 1996 Meeting Minutes

I. Introduction

The fourth meeting of the Michigan Number Portability Workshop was held on September 25, 1996 in Traverse City, Michigan. Terry Appenzeller provided the agenda and the opening statements.

II. Meeting Attendees

In attendance :

Terry Appenzeller Ameritech Barry Bishop Ameritech

Dee Branch Ameritech Pamela Criner Ameritech

Judy Evans AT&T Cal Gulker Allendale Tellepone

Denise Hardaway Ameritech Beth Kistner MCI Metro

Beth O'Donnell Comcast Larry Neeper Brooks Fiber

Bob Reynolds Ameritech John Shea Lockheed Martin

IV. Review of the Number Portability Workshop Process

The following was reviewed and discussed at the meeting:

List discussed; following are items of immediate concern:

Ten digit (10D) company positions need resolution.

NPAC/SMS maintenance audits.

Electronic bonding.

Testing is underway - scheduled to be complete in Illinois by December 1, 1996.

Copies of previous presentations and associated handouts are available upon request from Pam Criner telephone number 847-248-3521.

. Michigan Decisions/Implementation Plans

The Implementation Plan will consist of the following:

1. The Michigan LNP Workshop Members will identify on the Master Michigan Exchange List the priority of those exchanges their company wants number portability scheduled. The master or consolidated Ameritech Michigan and GTE Exchange list in EXCEL was made available at the August 23 meeting. (Those companies not in attendance at the meeting received the diskettes, along with prioritization directions, via the mail.).

VI. Action Items and Upcoming Meetings

Action Item 1:

Michigan Number Portability Members to prioritize the master list of Michigan Exchanges.

Action Item 2:

Use of existing (Illinois) Legal Liability Company for Michigan Number Portability Workshop?

Roger Marshall to report initial view at the September 25, 1996 meeting.

One "Legal" and one "Business" Representative from each workshop member company is required for the LLC work portion of the Workshop. "New entrants" to provide names and contact numbers to the Workshop Committee.

Action Item 3:

Committee Objectives

Resolve LLC issue and identify Michigan members.

Complete deployment plan for Michigan by the end of this year.

Meeting dates were established for the remainder of 1996.:

Wednesday, September 25 in Traverse City

Tuesday, October 22 in Detroit

Thursday, November 21 in Detroit

Notes for this meeting were prepared by Pamela Criner, Ameritech, telephone number 847-248-3521. .