Operations Meeting 8/19-20/97

Please Note, next meeting Sept 10th 08:30-4:30 (1 day only)

The following minutes were taken by Lorin Pollock (Sprint (Once again thanks Lorin)). Items bolded and Italicized have been added to the minutes (BB)

In attendance:

Gene Johnston GTE

Lorin Pollock Sprint

Darin Liston Sprint

Betti Shelby WorldCom

Sharon Gallo TCG

Pat Williams Williams & Delaney, LTD

Nancy DeRoo Ameritech

Ron Steen Bell South

Brent Struthers ICC

Jim Joerger MCI

Alan Harris AT&T

Oc Jackson AT&T

Clyde Hamby AT&T

Sue Seitz Ameritech

Barry Bishop Ameritech



Barry distributed Sprints’ proposal to resolve the Number Pooling Issue. Darin Liston reviewed the position. All companies (Initially) agreed to the pre-porting concept with the understanding that limited NPAs would be included until SCP vendors can handle the volumes involved.

Snapback was discussed. Snapback to the code holder versus to the block holder. AT&T has taken the position of snapback to the code holder for vacant number recording. AT&T further stated that the assignment capability would be retained by the block holder. All other participants can agree to snapback to the block holder. Numerous call flow scenarios were reviewed with snapback to both the code holder and the block holder.

Cause Code 26 ramifications were discussed.

AT&T suggested that the issue be tabled until they have an internal conference call at 11:00am today.

AT&T has not yet solidified their position for snap back to the block holder because of the potential changes required for NPAC and the additional costs involved. AT&T will make a decision by this Thursday.

The next subjects for discussion are:

1.) A process flow for NPA splits.

2.) LRN per switch verses LRN per Rate Center.

Discussion that the entire 10,000 nxx numbers need to be provisioned in the code owners’ switch to allow for non-LNP capable calls (MF) to complete. This should be a requirement for code owner and documented in the switch requirements document. Barry will take to the committee. The cause code 26 is not necessary treatment for pooling.

AT&T requested that if snapback to the code holder occurs, the issue of cause code 26 treatment for pooling needs to be re-visited. Barry stated after MAJOR discussion, that the statements concerning CC26 will be deleted.


Barry shared solution information concerning the mis-routing problems with the DMS100:


Then place escape options for 2PIC, TOLL, etc.

This table must be data filed to allow proper call routing , not using the LRN disallowing a query for 2PIC type calls. Ameritech will confirm this information tomorrow.

Barry shared information concerning Ameritech LNP query agreements. The data base manager is Thomas Kosy (312) 335-7186 who will probably request a forecast.

NPA Splits discussion by Betty of MFS Worldcom.

Barry went through the steps involved with an NPA split.

1.) Permissive dialing date

2.) Mandatory date

NPAC will have both the old and new NPAs in the data base.

Betty reviewed the Lockheed NPAC requirements for NPA splits. The concern is that the LRN may have to be changed and how will this be coordinated between companies. Should there be a process for this activity that defines the LERG update and timing of LRN change. The Switch Requirements document allows for two LRNs to handle splits and can support permissive LRN routing.

Different scenarios of LRN changes during splits were reviewed that may require a LRN change.

ASSUMPTIONS: (1) LRN should be changed if an NPA NXX is spare after end of permissive dialing. Change should be done during permissive dialing. (2) Modify/change existing info in LERG, if necessary. Barry will inform the NRRIC (DIG) committee of our concerns and identify if they have had similar issues.

Clarification was received that it is up to the Service Provider who owned the NPA/NXX to make changes in the LERG for their effected central offices per Rod of Ameritech involved in an NPA split. It is assumed that if an Nxx was portable with the old NPA, it would be changed automatically in the LERG to portable in the new NPA and changed by the service provider (NPA/NXX owner).

ASSUMPTION: (3) If NPA/NXX was opened for porting prior to NPA split, then NXX with new NPA would be assumed open. No code open letter would be required. Carriers would open the NXX for portability during the Permissive Dialing Period, using the LERG as the notification vehicle.

The next meeting was scheduled for the (9th &10th) of September. It was proposed that only one day (the 10th) is required.

PLEASE Note: The next meeting is one day (Sept 10th ) and will be a full day meeting (8:30 a.m. 4:pm). The meeting will be held on the 4th floor (Ameritech Training Center) of the Holiday Inn Mart Plaza bulding (350 Orleans).

Several additional items:

  1. For those whose companies are LLC members, you were handed a Lockheed-Martin Proposal for the IVR. Please review this to see if it meets the requirements that were given them by our team. Please provide any input to me prior to our next meeting. (Please remember this is a proprietary document, and any input/issues with the document should also be proprietary and directed only those members of our team who belong to the LLC).
  2. Members of the LLC should have received a proposal from Telesynthesis regarding a trial proposal which was presented to our team two meetings ago, regarding tracking LSR's and FOC's. Please contact your LLC representative for a copy. I would appreciate your review and comments of the proposal (does it have merit, should we proceed???). Please note that this is also a proprietary document and issues/comments should only be shared with those members of our team who belong to the LLC.
  3. The issue regarding an LRN per Rate Center was discussed at the subsequent Steering Committee meeting.

Lucent Technologies (Joe Lichter) notified those present that this was not an issue for their switchs.

Nortel (Lou Pino) notified those present that they have a software work around and will have a permanent fix.

Siemens (Tom Bainbridge) notified us that they are reviewing the issue.


If there are any additional items that were missed, clarifications needed, etc, please contact me and I will make sure the changes are reflected in the minutes.

Barry Bishop