ICC Operations/9-1-1 Meeting


Team, attached you will find the minutes/notes and parking lot issues, recorded by Ms Robin Meier (Ameritech). Thanks Robin.

A couple of comments and additions to the attached from my notes. It was apparent that there are more issues than could be discussed let alone resolved in one meeting. While not all issues may be directly related to LNP, in some cases LNP is the driving force that may exacerbate the problem.

It was decided that there are enough issues of significant importance to warrant forming a separate Operations Ad Hoc 911 team. The next meeting for this team will be:

Feb 10th, 1997 08:30 a.m. (CST)

350 Orleans Rm 437

(Ameritech Training Center on the 4th flr of the Holiday Inn Mart Plaza hotel building. Take the escalator up to the 4th floor and you can't miss it)

Downtown Chicago

This meeting (as are all Operations meetings) is an open meeting and anyone who so desires may attend. It is expected that local Service Providers would attend.

It was decided that the most pressing issue that needed to be resolved was issue 1 on the attached minutes, and that this will be the initial primary focus of the team.

If there are any major errors or omissions on the attached document, please feel free to contact Robin Meier (312-220-2603) or myself (312-220-8000) and we will be glad to update the documents.

Barry Bishop

ICC Operations Chairperson

911 Meeting


In attendance:

Robin Meier Ameritech

Van A. DiCarlo Glenwood Police

Richard Nore City of Chicago S911

Nancy DeRoo Ameritech 911

Amadore B. Lucero USWest-Network

Roger Schneider AT&T ITN

Oc Jackson AT&T

Carmen Colella Ameritech

Beverly Hood Sprint

Darin Liston Sprint

Jim Joerger MCI

Phillip Hollan MCI

Bryan Bentlin Lockheed Martin IMS

Deb Prather I.C.C.

Carolyn Maddox Sprint

Gene Gerber GTE

John Savaglio SCC Com Corp

Jean Smith Bell South

Allena Wheatley BST

Pam Carroll NW Central 9-1-1

Gene Valentine Ameritech

Harland Hector Illinois NENA

Rick Jones Illinois NENA

Jeff Rodrigues Chicago 911

Roger Hixson Natl NEENA/ Ameritech 911

John F. Shea Lockheed Martin

Jan Trout-Avery Lockheed Martin

Sue Seitz Ameritech

Russ Russell GTE

Jeannine Whealen Lockheed Martin

John Schoppenworst GTE

Larry Hopper Ameritech

On Phone:

Dick Anderson WorldCom

Rich Moore AT&T

Willy S.... World com

Mark Lancaster AT&T

John.......... AT&T

Ed Elkin AT&T

Larry V.......... AT&T

Pat Wade AT&T

John Guthmann Bell Atlantic

Sorry, but didn't catch every person on phone.


Interim Provision Service and other flow charts

2 handouts called "What is number Portability?"

Local Number Portability and 9-1-1, Issues Presented at Operations Sub-Committee meeting on 06 January 1997

01/29/97 lnp operations meeting regarding 9-1-1 issues page 1- Rick Jones

Order Provisioning Flow page 2. Rick Jones

The intent of the meeting was to address 911 (and related) issues which have come up or to identify them.

Overview of Number Portability Handouts called "What is Number Portability?"

Discussion to determine definitions:

For today's discussion

Primary number is main number --would be seen at PSAP's

Shadow number is the number being RCF'd

ANI goes to PSAP, office originating, call that the main number

The number from the previous companies directory (Subsidiary number)

PARKING LOT Item number 2. NEED TO REACH AGREEMENT on definition of terms

Discussion of Local Number Portability RFP - Data Base Solution -Call within the Chicago LATA diagram, and diagram for call from outside the Chicago LATA (N-1 Method)


  1. COMPETITIVE ISSUE PUSHED BY NUMBER PORTABILITY. What is provisioning process true length, 3 days or 3 days plus 1 day for 9-1-1 database? Answer: Whatever is on the provisioning process flow - i.e. 3 days plus 1 day. Provisioning flow is in the process of being finalized. NOTE: discussion about Rick Jones handout Order Provision flow paragraph page 2. Today there is a 24 hour delay from the time of completion before the number is entered in the data base. Rick Jones is looking for a shorter time frame. Industry standards need to be defined and looked at. NENA is looking at this industry issue currently.. Problem of overwriting ALI databases needs to be addressed and resolved, looking for permanent solution. Need to come up with (identify) attributes to know how to come up with the proper solution. Issue could be the timing of when the batch occurs. Needs to have a task force or separate group to address this issue. Template of what needs to be done should be developed. There is also a request to add a box to the flow diagram to represent activities. Suggestion: Maybe we need to add a new identifier like pba or pbd . Identify characteristics - 1) Timely notice to database 2) Requirements apply to all service providers and database providers. 3) 100% accuracy of ALI records during disconnects and adds between service providers. 4) Security issues. Each SP records must be secured in the database. NOTE: NENA Telco/Vendor Conference, from March 2-5, 1997 at Orlando, Fl call NENA @ 800-332-3911 for information and registration.
  2. PUBLIC SAFETY ISSUE DRIVEN BY NUMBER PORTABILITY --- How will emergency service provider determine the telephone number's service provider, with access to NPAC via IVR? What are the conditions? How will inquiries be made? Progress for the IVR is underway, phase 2 deployment. Discussion - need to have SP identifier [alpha code] to be available on screen in PSAP. Discussion - limit access to IVR. Discussion -- Need for procedures to determine how to handle this type of situation. Consensus --- On day one the old SP [owner of NPA-NXX] will be contact point to determine who the correct SP is, until the other methods are in place[short term solution only, interim period].
  3. Will both types of SPNP (remote and direct) be tested? In all cases? Resolved, no this is not long term NP.
  4. Will the customer be informed of the AEC number? Yes, they will, Not an issue.
  5. Will call set-up time be measured in each test call? Nancy said they will measure call set up timing on two scenarios after the software is loaded on the PSAP.
  6. Will test calls document whether the originating office verifies against the "ported y/n" database on every call? We do not dip on a 911 call.
  7. On April 1995 the workshops started. 9-1-1 administrators were first given an invitation to join with existing sub-committees on October 1996. There are 8 sub-committees, but no sub-committee dedicated to 9-1-1 issues. A committee has been set up, first meeting was 1-29-97. Not an issue.
  8. The test plan is 420 pages. Operator services have 207 pages with 4 call matrices on each. How many pages for the other 17 areas listed in the test plan? Specifically, 911? Internal to each company to determine how many test calls they need. Test scripts are being written. As many test call scenarios as necessary to insure the integrity of the 911 systems will be written.
  9. The new service provider must notify the 9-1-1 System Administrator of all ported number activity, including cancellation. Rick Jones - 2 parts -Part 1 Notification when ported NPA-NXX is open, Part 2 - Initially get each number ported. [ Part 2 - note that is not being done today for interim, why should it be done for long term?] PSAP's can request database dumps according to Part 725, covers individual numbers. ****Still need method to know when NPA-NXX is open for porting. Making information available i.e. via bulletin board type method as an option. PSAP needs to know what company (SP) to bill the "surcharge to." If issue 2 is resolved by the sub committee this issue should be resolved also.
  10. The current service provider must notify the 9-1-1 System Administrator if the disconnect is "soft".
  11. The service provider who confirms a multi-line outage within the parameters of Part 725 (15 minutes)? Not a number Portability Issue.
  12. On 24 October 1996, Lucent Technologies commented that special provision for unconditional triggers launches a query before call set-up, unless the destination is an IXC, an operator or the FCI is set to a translated number. Is 9-1-1 a translated? How will this 9-1-1 call set-up, delay, routing?
  13. Differentiate between the conditional and unconditional trigger options. Issue #51 remains open.
  14. Public safety agencies require a method to identify the service provider for a specific telephone number or for a specific address. Issue 15, status -open. Variation of issue number 2 above. Add it to issue 2.
  15. It has been stated that PSAP's will not be advised of the exact time for calls. This is NOT acceptable to 9-1-1 System Administrators due to their responsibilities to the public for answering REAL 9-1-1 calls. 9-1-1 System Administrators must schedule staff to accommodate test calls without negative impact on 9-1-1 callers. Schedules for testing will be negotiated between parties. Must announce test calls as test calls.
  16. Each service provider in MSA-1 has the responsibility to establish a formal relationship with every PSAP affected by that provider. Information on the contact person for each 9-1-1 system is available from the ICC. Not a number Portability Issue, has been completed. Application issue.
  17. Need call backs on each 9-1-1 test call. This is variation on open issue 16. Added on to test plan, it's completed.
  18. Issue 17, test calls from mixed carriers in same PSAP area is still open.
  19. Issue 18, ANI failure test calls must be made from each central office in MSA-1. Variation on open issue 18.
  20. 9-1-1 System Administrators require information on the reliability of the NPAC and its restoration time. Open issue 20.

9-1-1 meeting



Interim Provision Service and other flow charts

2 handouts called "What is number Portability?"

Local Number Portability and 9-1-1, Issues Presented at Operations Sub-Committee meeting on 06 January 1997

012997 LNP operations meeting regarding 9-1-1 issues page 1- Rick Jones

Order Provisioning Flow page 2. Rick Jones


  1. FAX Handouts to Dick Anderson at 630-203-2681 - FAX
  2. Need to reach agreement on definition of terms ----I.E. Main Number , shadow number
  3. Action Item for Issue 1 (January 6th meeting) Need to put together a task force to address issue 1 and further define the characteristics already defined before March industry meeting. Biggest problem identified. Volunteers for subteam, Sprint, MCI, GTE, send names to Barry prior to January 31, 1997 with name, phone, fax numbers for meeting to be held February 10, 1997. Starting at 8:30 either at 350 Orleans or other nearby location.
  4. Include 911 in Switch Requirements in service codes examples. Barry will contact Brian Baldwin. [Found in document after- all. Completed]
  5. The following issues were not covered 10, 12, 13, 18, 19, and 20. It was determined that the sub-committee would complete and resolve the rest of the issues after they resolve issue 1.