New York 1,000 Block Number Pooling

Assignment Guidelines Sub-Committee

April 15, 1998


Meeting Minutes - Final



Beth Gunter - Bell Atlantic

Rochelle Jones - Time Warner

Tom Burke - NY PSC

Greg Pattenaude - NY PSC

Steve Addicks - MCI

Shawn Murphy - AT&T

Frank Colaco - Bellcore

John Colombo - Bell Atlantic

Michael Dorrian - Lockheed Martin

Bill Higgins - Bell Atlantic






    1. Purpose of the pool that is being created on 7/1/98? the purpose of the Phase 1 Pool is to primarily allow more new CLECs to obtain 212 NPA 1,000 blocks. The secondary purpose is to preserve number resources in the 212 NPA and allow any carrier to obtain numbers from the 212 NPA as needed.

    3. Which service providers are allowed to withdrawal from the pool? New carriers under the 90 day rule and any technically capable carrier can withdrawal numbers from the pool. Greg said that if a service provider joins the pool (i.e., donates and/or requests blocks from the pool), that service provider is not constrained from obtaining other numbering resources (e.g., you can still request resources from the 917 NPA).

    5. How long will the pool be in existence? The pool needs to have resources available to last until long-term national standards are implemented and then transition. It is also possible that the Phase 1 pool could transition to Interim Number Pooling, Phase 2. The blocks in the Phase 1 interim pool would be rationed via jeopardy procedures (industry & PSC to decide how many blocks to allocate per month). The Phase 1 Interim Guidelines will call for an industry meeting hosted by the Interim Pooling Administrator.

    7. Will new carriers be asked to donate to the pool? Greg described that the remaining 212 unassigned NXX codes would be placed in the industry pool. New carriers would apply to the Pooling Administrator for assignment of a new NXX and the Pooling Administrator would apply to the CO Code Administrator for the NXX. After discussion concerning who would negotiate with the new carrier regarding the number of blocks to be contributed to the interim industry pool, the guidelines were modified to read, "The quantity of these blocks to be contributed shall be a matter discussed between the service provider and the NY PSC." (section 6.7).









New York Assignment Guidelines Team

Face-to-Face Meeting

Friday, May 1, 1998

9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. EST

1 East Pratt Street

Room: Lobby 4 (Lobby Level) (confirmation # 53862, w/speakphn 9-4)

Conference Bridge: 410-837-3132 (10 ports, confirmation # 05010002, 9-4)




  1. NY March 30 Meeting Minutes - Final
  2. Updated sign-in sheet revised 4/15/98
  3. Draft NY Interim NP Guidelines, Phase 1, revised 4/15/98