The next IURC Task Force meeting scheduled for 3/17 at 10:30 am (EST).

The conference bridge number reserved for this call is 815-235-5099.



Ralph McCray (Time Warner) and Tina Zammuto (GTE) are the Co-Chairs of the Indiana LNP Implementation Committee. Tina has replaced Doug as he has moved on to tackle other issues.


Ralph McCray 303-566-1323 ralph.mccray@twcable.com

Tina Zammuto 309-663-3646 tina.zammuto@telops.gte.com

The IURC Task Force discussed the hearing the Ralph McCray and Doug Kruger attended as representatives for the task force. A response had been issued to the IURC on 2/27/98 and has been posted on the web site "ported.com".


Mike Guffy introduced Charlotte TerKeurst who was hired by the IURC as a Commission Staff Witness for Number Portability. She will be looking at all aspects of number portability and presenting reports to the Commission Staff. Charlotte is a consultant for Competitive Strategies.


The Task Force also made a recommendation to re-instate the Number Portability Steering Committee, formed in Cause No. 39983, to address issues such as billing, cost recovery, and rating. Charlotte TerKuerst will contact the Co-Chairs to discuss reconvening this committee.


TSPOC’s (Single Point of Contact for testing ) for the ILECs and CLECs are as follows:


Cincinnati MSA - Andy Chalk (SPRINT) 419-775-8767

Karen Kay (TWTC) 303-705-1811

Louisville MSA - Robin Meier (Ameritech) 312-220-2603

Indianapolis MSA – Robin Meier (Ameritech) 312-220-2603

Andy Gick (GTE) 219-461-3178

Andy Chalk (Sprint)

Karen Kay (TWTC) 303-705-1811

Clyde Hamby (ATT) 770-513-3421

Dave Health (MCI) 703-918-6892

A Test Matrix for the Indianapolis MSA was developed.


Smithville will conduct test calls only. Smithville (as well as other independents) would like to test the call flow process on ported numbers to verify the network passes the ported numbers correctly. The test numbers that the service providers (SP)use in the SP to SP testing will be distributed to the independents telephone companies so they can place test calls.


Time Warner plans to test with Ameritech and Smithville. Time Warner will test with SPRINT in the Cincinnati MSA.


Sprint will conduct test calls only.


Testing timeline - companies should plan to begin Interservice Provider testing around 5/12/98. FCC waivers have to be submitted 30 days prior to implementation (5/28/98). Companies should begin their internal testing around 4/12.